Other Railway Safety

Train Control and Deadman’s Control Equipment Family (EVM-120, M-62)
The function of the EVM on-board equipment is the increasing of complex safety of traffic. Its task is to decode and display the coded 75 Hz signals, coming from the track, and checking the adherence to received signal aspects, on the other hand checking of vigilance and capacity of action of engine driver. If the engine driver does not react to the alarm signals suitably, the equipment stops the train by emergency brake.

Individual Point Setting Equipment (EVB)
The Individual Point Setting Equipment has been developed in the purpose of making it possible to use the individual points, that are not in range of other equipment, in safe and confortable way. Its up-to-date feature is that the railway staff can set the points by wireless remote control or pushbutton. There is a double-faced dwarf signal beside the points, that gives signs, by which the train staff can realize the end-position of points and other conditions of traffic safety. The signal displays the direction of traffic as Clear signal aspect, its prohibiting sign is independent of direction.

Intermediate End-position Checking Device (MA-KVE)
The intermediate end-position checking of MA-KVE can be applied for electric check-back of end-position of points with opening of 60-170 mm.

Loading Protection Device (RVB)
Our loading protection devices realize the safety dependences betwen railway traffic and loading works at transshipping places of industrial plants. Its essential function is stipulating conflicting conditions between start of loading and train movements.

Multichannel Safety Time Encoder (MABÜA)
The Station Safety Time Encoder type MABÜA supplies the 75 Hz coded track circuits and radiating cables of station interlocking equipment with coded signals.