Railway Level Crossing

Electronic Open-line Level Crossing Control Equipment (UTB)
UTB is a fully electronic completely Hungarian equipment development that serves for automatic, railway traffic-dependent operation of open-line level crossings. It operates and controls the level crossing signals, barrier drives, and also railway signals in the cases they exist. The different members of level crossing family have been developed according to special requirements of different railway companies, thus we can differentiate them as instruments developed for Hungarian suburban railways (HÉV), Bosnian railways, and national domestic railways.
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Open-line Level Crossing Control Equipment (MAS-01, MAS-01/1, MAS-01/2, MAS-01/5, MAS-01/7)
The MAS-01 type control devices are suitable forr automatic operation of open-line level crossings, depending on railway traffic. They operate and control the level crossing signals, barrier drives and also the railway signals, in those cases where the latter exist.
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Station type Level Crossing Control Equipment (MA-SR)
The MA-SR type level crossing control equipment has been developed for complement of station interlocking equipment for operating of station type level crossings. The equipment is suitable for the safety functions of both signal-interlocked level crossings and those crossings that are checked by signals. It can be interfaced felexibly to the different interlocking equipment requirements and different locations, by means of its electric circuit constructions, modular configuration, own built-in power supply and its configurational suitability for outdoor elements.