Bulb-replacing LED Light source (IFF)
 MA- IFF bulb replacing light source is a device serving for replacement of railway signal bulbs with full compatibility, which offers long-term economical solution by means of its long lifetime, good visibility and other services.
 Its most important feature is that it is an up-to date LED light source the expected lifetime of which is approximately 20 times that of bulbs, thus the troubles originated from bulb burning are eliminated and operational costs are reduced to a minimum.

 Because of its compatibility its building-in is simple and requires low extra cost because
  • No need to change the lamphead, the light source can be introduced in place of bulb socket.
  • The light electric circuits shall not be modified in most of the cases, because its light intensity and flashing features meet the requirements relevant to bulbs both in light and dark periods.
 In some applications (for example in station level crossings) it is needed to change the fuses of higher value and installation of a rectification panel, enclosed to it, shall be installed to the light source.
 The product is extremly protected against impairment and vandalism, because at the side of optical lenses it is equipped with acrylic protecting plate, therefore if the optical lenses are broken, the light-emitting diodes of the light source are still capable to give right color aspect from behind acrylic protecting plate.
 The inner electric protection ensures its swittching off in case of reverse connection and it cannot be damaged in case of input voltage transients.

 Its extra services increase the sfaty of applications as follows.
  • In case of permanent overpressure it switches itself off and the electric current is cut off, thus signalling accurately the shortcircuit errors
  • If the intensity of emitted light is reduced below a minimum value, determined by the standards, it switches itself off by cutting off the light current, thus calling the attention to the increase of ouside resistance or occasional internal failure
 The light source completely fulfills the railway application requirements.

MA-IFF - datasheet