Switch Force Meter (VEM-02, VEM-06)
 The forces that can be measured between the railway points and the point machine are important features of cooperation between railway points and point machine. The regular force measurements make the diagnostics possible on points-point machine connection, identification of failures and point setting problems.
 During development of VEM-02 one of the main goals was the evaluation possibility of the measured data on site as fast as possible. Previously MÁV had used such force meter that recorded the measured data in analogue way. The inaccuracy of reading made it necessary to develop an istrument that not only records the measuring diagram but also capable for the numeric display and recording of measured maximum force values and other identification marks, which are necessary for documentation. Thus prompt decisions can be taken whether any kind of intervention is necessary on the examined points or point machine.
 The apparatus also functions as a data collecting equipment, its software ensures the selection among the previously stored diagrams, thus the documentation of measured data can be submitted afterwards. One of the possibilities for that is its own printer.
 The most effective method for systematization and documentation of measured results is the computer-based data processing.
 The VDS data processing software, developed on the basis of users’ experiences, meets the application requirements in all respects.

 Main functions of VSD software program
  • data download from switch force meter (RS232, USB)
  • selection among downloaded data
  • eventual complementation of recorded curves with further information
  • classification of download data by different features
  • helping accessories for evaluation and comparison of diagrams (reduction, magnification, overlapped curves, time markers)
  •  printing of graphs
 The VEM 02 apparatus and VDS data processing software have been placed into system by MÁV and are widely used during upkeeping works and regular scheduled supervisions of point machines and reconditioning works of them.

  • Light portable construction
  • Low sensitivity to disturbancies, therefore increased measuring accuracy
  • Software based switch-diagnostic analysis
  • Recording of graphical measurement diagrams
  • Compuer-based data storage about change of state of points and point-machines

  • Hungarian Railways (MÁV ZRt.) 200 pcs of equipments
  • Italian Railways (FS) 30 pcs of equipments

Switch Force Meter - datasheet