Electric points-heating and trough-bottom heating system (VVFR)
 Main features of the system:
  • Full-range system from energy supplying column transformer station up to heating inserts, its configuration is based on several years’ constructional experiences
  • Modular construction, thus ensuring easy adaptation to any station configuration
  • It is in compliance with the relevant requirements of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways)
  • Own development, manufacture and own domestic service background
 Components of the system:
   Column transformer station:
  • With transformers of 25kV/231V and power ranges can be 16, 25, 50, 100, 160, 250 kVA
  • Energy distribution
  • Power measurement with distant-reading is integrated in the system
   Zone control cabinet:
  • Heating control of turnouts belonging to the zone, collection and transmission of status information
  • Modular system construction
  • Universal heat controlling PLC, that accepcts the measured values of different sensors and automatically gives heating command based on determined algorithm
  • Network voltage monitoring, reclosing (switch-back) delay
  • Checking of heating operation of turnouts on both sides by current sensors
  • Connection to the station data transfer system
  • Status information transfer to the operating and check-back unit
   Operating and check-back unit:
  • The unit can be scheme board or or PC-based unit (SCADA) in accordance with the requirements of customer
  • The status information of equipment of the zone is disaplayed graphically
  • Manual intervention of operation is also possible
  • Data exchange is ensured to the remote supervision system
   Remote Supervision System:
  • PC based (SCADA) system that supervises the points heating systems of several stations or open-line sections
   On territory of MÁV Zrt. (Hungarian State Railways):
  • Nyársapát, Nagykőrös, Katonatelep, Városföld, Kiskunfélegyháza
  • Kőbánya-Kispest, Pestlőrinc, Vecsés, Üllő, Monor (remote supervision), Pilis, Albertirsa
  • Győr
  • Szabadisóstó, Szántód-Kőröshegy, Balatonszentgyörgy, Zalakomár, Bajcsa
  • Sárosd, Rétszilas, Simontornya, Pincehely, Szakály-Hőgyész, Baté
  • Martonvásár, Kápolnásnyék, Gárdony, Dinnyés (under construction)
   On territory of GySEV Zrt. (Hungarian-Austrian Common Railway):
  • Nagycenk, Lövő, Bük, Acsád (remote supervision)
  • Ják-Balogunyom, Egyházasrádóc, Körmend, Csákánydoroszló, Alsórönök, Szentgotthárd (under construction)
   On territory of BKV Zrt. (Budapest Transport Company):
  • Metro No2, Vehicle yard at Fehér street