Hydraulic Point Machine (MA-HVH-K)
 Upon new requirements of users and application of new locking mechanisms in Hungary, Műszer Automatika Kft has developed the outside driven Point Machine Family HVH-01-K.
 The new point machine based on MA-HVH (01/D, 02) hydraulic point machines that have been manufactured for long time but it can be placed beside the points.
 The point machine family is suitable for setting, hydraulic or mechanic locking of turnouts mounted with conventional check-lock type or Spherolock locking structures and for turnouts equipped with Hydrolink force transfer euipment in case of high-radius turnouts, it can also supervise and check-back their end-position in electrical way.
 The connecting surfaces of setting rod and checking rod of MA-HVH-01-K point machine family is identical with those of conventional ones, so they are compatible with all types of point machines used before.

  •  D1/ - 1-phase
  •  D2/ - 2-phase
  •  D3/ - 3-phase
 The point machines are trailable ones, the trailing resistance can be adjusted between 9-12 kN, but its value is set to 10 kN during manufature.
 In case of type ”A” the fixing in end-position and the trailing resistance is ensured by 2 pcs of brakevalve blocks, mounted on the hydraulic working cylinder and a brake valve, built in the valveblock. The brake valves can be set according to the requirements of operational environment after removing their protecting cap. In case of type ”A” there is a so called mechanical lock built in the point machine. The mechanical lock (latch) ensures the fixing against remaining force independently from the hydraulic fixing.
 In case of versions ”B” and ”C” the point machine is equipped with a hydraulically released mechanical fixing unit, thus the trailing resistance of the point machine is ensured collectively by both hydraulically realized fixing and a mechanical lock (latch) which can be released hydraulically. The fixing force of disc spring mounted latch structure is between 5,5 and 6 kN. Due to the selection of suitable structural configuration, it cannot cause any problem, in case of using point machine with hydraulically released mechanic latch, even if the setting force claim exceeds the value of trailing/fixing force. In this case the points setting and the fixing in end-position takes place without any problem, no self-trailing, setting or fixing problems may occur.
 The point machine can be reversed promtly during setting, in the event of current outage it can be reset manually. The manual setting is realized by a manual pump which is inserted in the hydraulic circle, the setting direction can be determined by a reversing pin. The manual pump can be accessed through a door, located on the cover of point machine, that can be opened by a form key. The manual setting lever can be taken out through the same door and put back after completion of manual operation, without removing the cover. The length of hand lever is selected so that the manual setting can be realized by little force, even in case of high-radius turnouts, equipped with Spherolock- Hydrolink system, the setting force of which is 6,5 kN.
 Due to the location of manual pump, the visibility to the track in both directions is ensured during manual setting thus reducing the possibility of accidents.

Hydraulic Point Machine - datasheet