Hydraulic In-Sleeper Point Machine (MA-HVH)
 The point machine MA-HVH serves for setting of point rails of railway turnouts by electrically operated hydraulic energy, hydraulic and mechanic locking of them and the electric checking of their actual end-position.
 The point machine is suitable for setting of both simple turnouts and high-radius turnouts. The equipment is unique in respect of synchronous movements of its setting structures, although they are not in mechanical connection , thus the point rails are not exposed to extra bending loads in high-radius turnouts.
 The point machines are built in the centre-line of the track, mounted in trough-bottom, thus the machine tamping of turnouts is also possible. The mass centre falls in the track centre-line which is very advantageous solution for long period of time because of symmetrical load of the track.
 The mounting of point machine makes it possible that it can follow the movement of point rail, relative to stock rail, originated from heat expansion.
 Up to now the following types have been installed : Simple 2-phase and 3-phase; High- Radius with 2 point machines 3-phase.
 All these types are trailable ones, but upon request we are also ready to supply the non-trailable versions.

 Main technical data:
  • Setting time (throwing-over time): approx.. 2,5s
  • Setting force : 4-6kN (adjustable)
  • Fixing force: 7 –12kN (it can be increased even up to 20kN by changing some components)
  • Mechanical strength of setting machine: 25kN

Hydraulic In-sleeper Point Machine - datasheet