Hydraulic Barrier Drive (MA-HSH-03)
 Hydraulic Barrier Drive type MA-HSH-03 is an electrically controlled pnemo-hydraulically operated mechanism.
 The basic function of barrier drive is the the physical blocking of road traffic by the effect of control in railway level crossings, the lighting of barrier boom with flashing light and the check-back of the position of barrier boom.
 The hydraulic and electric control system of the barrier drive is of modular configuration.
 This allows its easy adaptation to different interlocking control systems and its integration into different regulating and control systems of other countries and territories by simple changing of the relevant modules or simple hardware programming.
 Its basic functions and the complementary functions can be designed and built in easily, taking into account the safety requirements.
 One new function is that the barrier drive is capable to open up the barrier boom slowly into vertical position automatically or by separate control, in case of operating trouble, thus eliminating the unnecessary blocking of road traffic.
 The structure of barrier drive is user-fiendly, its istallation and putting into operation is fast and cost-effective. The maintenance claim of the equipment is low, it does not have any components requiring lubrication or readjustment. Its reliabilty is ensured by the simple and carefully dimensioned structure.
 In addition, its availability is increased by quick identification of failure and quick trouble shooting.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular construction
  • There are no lubrication requiring components
  • Easy adaptation to different interlocking equipments
  • Simple servicing
  • Quick and cost-effective putting into operation
 1528 pcs of operating equipment
  • on lines of Hungarian State Railways
  • on lines of Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway line (Austrian-Hungarian Railway Line)
  • on territory of Budapest Transport Company

Hydraulic Barrier Drive - datasheet