Open-line Level Crossing Control Equipment (MAS-01, MAS-01/1, MAS-01/2, MAS-01/5, MAS-01/7)
 The control equipment MAS-01 serves for railway traffic-dependent automatic operation of open-line level crossings. They operate and control the level crossing signals, barrier drives and railway signals in those level crossings where the latter exist. The equipment either gives check-back (report) towards the nearest railway traffic control post or it gives information to the railway staff about its operation by means of railway signal. In the equipment family there are several types developed on the analogy of devices that are used at Hungarian Railways. These versions are different from each other in their operating principals and their methods of train detection.
  • MAS-01/1 – Block equipment type
    It cooperates with different block interlocking equipment.
  • MAS-01/2 – Punctiform individual type
    Equipment with 13kHz train detection, that handles 3 approaching and 3 moving off trains
  • MAS-01/5 – Equipment with axle counter
    The occupancy dectection is solved by axle counter.
  • MAS-01/7 – Equipment with protection signal
    The equipment is complemented with railway protection signals. Its train detection is solved by 13kHz track circuit. It also can be operated without supervision post.
 The members of MAS-01 product family are realized by up-to-date technology in modular construction with application of safety relays.
 The different types of equipment can be adapted flexibly to the local requirements, within the design limitations, thus the complementation with further road signals or half-barriers can be realized easily by simple modification of program wires located in-between the spring type series terminals or by insertion of suitable modules.
 We recommend our event logging system to the different types. By means of it the fault localization also can be realized posteriorly. The interrogation of remote data proved to be an effecticve device during permanent tracing of the status of equipment and trouble shooting.

Open-line Level Crossing Control - MAS01 - datasheet