The manufacturing activity of Műszer Automatika Kft. dates back for long time and it always played main role in implementation of modern technologies and economical manufacturing methods. The cooperation with our development departments, the company group members and our main suppliers guarantees the continuous development of production activity and implementation of new manufacturing methods.
In recent years we could create a manufaturing system that could minimalize the quantity of basic materials, purchased products, our own produced components and semifinished products on stock.
 Our own manufacturing plants and certified suppliers ensure the safe material supply, the well-organized production ensures the delivery of goods by the deadlines.
Our metalworking machine technology and capacity covers almost 100 per cent of our product line. The boxes and cabinets of equipment are also manufactured by ourselves.
We are also supplier of several metallurgical plants, working for export markets.
Several of our plants make printed circuit board implantation and are continuously developing our soldering technology.
 The company has its own mechanical workshop where the final assembly also takes place, the mechanical works of prototypes are also made there.
The assembly of devices is performed in 3 workshops, the mounting and equipment testings are carried out in further 4 worksops and plants.
Our service group cooperates with the production side of the transport and gasdetector product lines, that can ensure extra mounting capacity in case of any need in addition to the priority of basic service works.
 Our colleagues with high and intermediate level of education participate in our in-house or externally organized trainings with final examinations to develop their technical knowledge in traffic, railway and gas detection fields.
 The quality assurance system of the company ensures the release of high quality products and services by several methods.
  • The base of system is the continuously operated system of ISO 9001:2008. Besides external auditing, there are 4 well-trained inner auditors who show continuous control and training activity in higher number of audits than it is prescribed in standards.
  • The quality control is carried out by 2 in-house quality controllers with full-time job who are completely independent from the production management, thus ensuring their objectiveness.
  • Inner control points are inserted even in the development phase that are observed by the staff working in production and equipment assembly. The procedural control points of manufacture of older products are revised continuously and expanded on the basis of experiences and control results
  • Finally the guarantee of high quality of production, mounting and service activity is the professional commitment of the management.

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