Műszer Automatika Kft. always concentrated on innovative developments of its products since its more than 25 years’ existence. We pay attention to the development of industrial technology and strive for making use of novelties.
The development activity of the company covers a wide spectrum, including railway safety equipment, power supplies, electric control instruments and industrial monitoring systems of dangerous gases.
Műszer Automatika Kft. benefits from engineering capacity of large number of development engineers of the group who have knowledge in diversified professional fields. We have specialized experts in the fields of machine engineering, technology, low and heavy current electricity and computer programming in different languages.
Our important task is to support the young engineer generation. We apply talented graduating engineers and programmers each year and we are continously employing university students with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree. In this way the continuous reproduction of well-trained experts can be secured for long period of time.
Our colleagues attend on trainings that highly exceed the mandatory credit points necessary for the right to keep up designer certification. The colleagues being trained either at high level or intermediate level of education are participating on trainings organized by the company or foreign institutions with final examinations in order to maintain or develop their high level of knowledge in railway technics and other fields.
We allocate essential resources for improvement of development environment.
Our computer network is developed continuously with software and hardware developments.
 All of our plants and units are interconnected with each other and the central servers via high-speed IP based network. The electronic processing of paper based documentation system has been made in fully electronic environment for more than 9 years.
To determine our development concepts we pay attention to identification of application environment with the help of experts of relevant activity, so that the developed product can meet the requirements of customers.
The relevant standards are observed maximally during establishment of development environment so that the works can be completed according to them. This is guaranteed by a safety organization which supervises all the safety-critical development phases.
The detemination of quality assurance control points is a design precondition during development that must be applied during manufacture as an essential condition to produce high quality products.
Relatively new activity of the company is the development of business management softwares. Műszer Automatika Kft. has been operated by its own developed company management software, the latest moduls that have been developed are the finacial and invoicing modules. The software system is currently being implemented in the whole group of companies. The new complementing program that coordinates the manufacturing process is in test operation.
The business management software is used by further 5 companies fully or partially as references.

 Some of our running developments as examples are as follows:
  • Further development of station type module automatic level crossing.
  • HVH-K hydraulic point machine for gravity marshalling yards.
  • Hydraulic point machine and locking mechanism placed in troughbottom for normal turnouts and crossover switches
  • Eight-channel digital data collecting system for conventional interlocking equipment
  • Development preparation of new family of electronic level crossing protection system
  • New automatic battery charger family for level crossings

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